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♫ Everywhere I go [música]

It’s funny how you think you really know yourself
Like you would never lose yourself to someone else
And I was up to thinking it was about you and me
Silly, silly me
I should’ve never listened to a word you said
But I was always giving into promises
I never should’ve gone for
I should’ve never longed for you no matter how hard it gets
And I want this to be over
I so want this to be through
In the end somehow it always comes back to you
‘Cause everywhere I go
No matter what I do
I just can’t get you out of my head
So it annoys me
You wasn’t man enough
To come and tell me
That I was never the one
Like you said I was
You could’ve told someone
You knew that you didn’t love
Me anymore
If you only told me how you really felt
I could’ve put my feelings into someone else
But I was busy thinking that was where I was supposed to be
Silly, silly me
But there was something about you that I couldn’t resist
Can’t put my finger on it but whatever it is
I never should’ve stood for
No, you’re not good for me
That’s the way it is.
I tell myself
Get over you
It’s so the right
Right thing to do
And just when I
Thought I was done
You pulled me in
For another run
I can’t take this
I won’t take this
I can’t do this
I won’t do it
Even if I know in the end somehow
It always comes back to you…

Even if I know in the end somehow
It always comes back to you…

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